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Your Step-by-Step Solar Installation Guide: Making the Transition Smooth

Preparing for Solar Panel Installation: A Homeowner's Guide

Evaluate Your Roof

The roof's age, material, and orientation are important considerations for solar suitability. Ideally, the roof should be angled to face south and made of durable material like asphalt, metal, or concrete. If the roof needs repairs or replacement, do them prior to solar installation.

Prune Trees + Vegetation

Overgrown trees can potentially shade the solar panels, reducing their efficiency. Prune back branches or remove trees as needed to maximize sun exposure on the roof.

Inform the HOA

If you live in a homeowner's association community, notify the HOA about the planned solar panel installation to avoid any issues. Get their approvals if required.

Pre-Installation Site Visit

The solar installation company will conduct a site visit to survey your home, measure the roof, and plan the system design. Be prepared to discuss your goals and preferences during the visit.

Energy Usage Analysis

Analyzing your past utility bills will help size the solar system to meet your energy needs. Provide the solar company with 12 months of previous electric bills.

Scheduling A Date

Discuss a mutually convenient date and timeline for the installation with the solar company. Weeklong installations are common for home solar panels.

Clear Access Pathways

Ensure there is safe and easy access to your roof for the installation team by clearing pathways and trimming vegetation.

Temporary Electricity Shut Off

The main power supply may need to be shut off safely for a short duration during the solar connection process. Be prepared for this.

Understand the Process

Read up on what the installation process involves so you can be prepared. The company should provide information on timelines, safety protocols and more.

Solar Panel Installation: Step-by-Step Process

Installing solar panels on your home is a multi-step process that requires careful planning and execution.

Site Evaluation

The installer surveys the site to evaluate roof condition, measure available space, and determine the optimal panel locations for sun exposure.

System Design

Using the site data, the installer will design a customized system to meet the home's energy needs. The design specifies the number of panels, inverter specs, mounting method etc.

Permits + Approvals

The necessary permits are acquired from local authorities and utilities before starting the installation. Approvals from HOAs may also be needed.

Equipment Delivery

The solar panels, inverters, racking and other system components are delivered to the installation site beforehand.

Mounting Installation

The racking and mounting hardware are secured onto the roof. Flashing is installed to make a weather-tight seal.

Solar Panel Installation

The panels are mounted and secured onto the racking system. Wiring connections between the panels are made.

Inverter Mounting

The inverters are installed and wired to integrate with the home's electrical system.

System Activation + Testing

When all connections are made, the system is activated and thoroughly tested to ensure proper functioning.


Local authorities inspect the finished system for compliance with electrical codes and building regulations.

Final Approval + Paperwork

Once approved, the final PTO paperwork is completed to authorize the system to operate.

Post Installation: What to Expect

The work doesn't stop once the solar panels are installed. To maximize the system's lifetime energy production, AC/DC provides ongoing maintenance and monitoring after the installation is complete.

System Inspection

A thorough inspection of all components is done to verify proper functioning. Any installation issues are identified and resolved.

Performance Testing

The system's actual power output is measured and compared to project production to ensure it meets specifications.

Monitoring Setup

Remote monitoring software is set up to track real-time solar energy production data. This allows for prompt issue detection.

User Training

Homeowners are trained on how to operate the system, read data monitors, and conduct basic maintenance.

Maintenance Schedule

Regular maintenance visits, usually biannual or annual, are scheduled to clean, inspect, and service the solar panels and other system components.


During maintenance checks, any underperforming parts of the system are tweaked to optimize efficiency. Upgrades can be suggested if new technologies become available.


The monitoring system, along with the homeowner's feedback, helps identify and quickly troubleshoot any technical issues that arise.


Performance reports are created to show power generation metrics and other insights. These help gauge ROI and savings over time.

Warranty + Support

Support is provided to the customer via service requests, warranty claim assistance, and questions that arise during the system's lifespan.

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