ABC Corporation


October 6, 2023

ABC Corporation

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ABC Corporation is a consumer goods manufacturer located in Tampa, Florida. With substantial electricity usage across its large production facility, ABC wanted to find ways to reduce their energy costs and meet sustainability goals. They turned to AC/DC Solar for an expansive commercial solar PV system installation.


With high and inconsistent utility bills hampering operational costs, ABC needed a clean energy solution that could curb expenses. Their large 800,000 sq.ft. facility had ample roof space but required a complex customized system design.


AC/DC Solar engineered a 1.21 MW DC solar system with 3,200 high-efficiency panels installed across ABC's production plant roof. The system offsets 65% of the facility's annual energy usage, reducing grid dependence and electricity bills.


  • 1,210,000 kWh of solar electricity generated annually
  • $180,000 saved on energy costs in the first year alone
  • 3,500 metric tons of CO2 emissions reduced per year
  • Solar offsetting the majority of the facility's energy consumption
  • Estimated 10-year payback period on system costs

By leveraging abundant sunshine, AC/DC Solar empowered ABC Corporation to substantially lower overhead costs while moving towards their sustainability vision.


"AC/DC Solar's large-scale solar installation is already yielding tremendous energy savings each month. This allows us to divert funds to business growth and meet our environmental targets."
  • John Smith, Chief Engineer, ABC Corporation

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